My goal was to retreat at a small and isolated place on the south face of Gokarna. I booked a small room in a very simple homestay at Belekan Beach, and after arriving at Om beach, I took a walk through Half-moon Beach, and Paradise Beach (also known as Full moon) to my destination.

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Yog Vashista


Vashist is also the name of a village located in Manali, India. The village is famous for its natural hot springs, which are believed to have healing properties, and is home to a temple dedicated to Yogi Vashist.

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Wedding in India

Weddings in India are a time of great celebration, where the more people who attend, the merrier it becomes. Indians have a unique way of inviting guests to weddings, often going all out to ensure that the party is as grand as possible. They take pride in showcasing their hospitality, and weddings are the perfect opportunity to do so.

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