Virabhadra Namaskar

The Warrior Salutation

New Year, New Workshops!
Based on an Ancient Hindu Tantric Practice, I design and will offer the Virabhadra Namaskar workshop during the entire 2021.
Dates and Places coming soon, details about the full content will only be delivered during the class for those who wanna embrace this journey of bravery and courage through an ethical and meaningful life.

Your payment will be converted into environmental protection, waste management, and education, as well as the plastic recycling project I’m developing right this year.

The Short Version – to empower people – an up to 90min Class

In this version of the Virabhadra Namaskar Workshop, we work on the transitions between the three Virabadrasanas Variation and the reverse warior.

For the preparation, we have a start in sitting position, with some breath and energy work (Pranayamas as usual in all my classes), some stretching and traction for bones and muscles, then we go to straight the point.

The preparation for the Asanas in themselves are the Asanas in itself, with Focus on the needed attitude, we use the very moment of performance. Something very simple, difficult is just the permanence in the posture. Some standing postures in between to allow body and mind not to get stressed with possible challenges of the permanence.

At the end, we all will enjoy a good relaxation, and Breathing Meditation.

For Vinyasa lovers and Gyms addicted, it’s a good sequence to build strength and flexibility in the first line. For those who already has a self-practice routine and like to try, I can encourage you to test it alone even as a short practice.

I’m sure you will enjoy!

See a bit more of what I can offer you for you at: stand balance asana sequence.

See you there!

The Long Version – make your able to the tough path – here just a small reveal about – take at least 3hours

This is a Sacred Secret Practice, details will be delivered only to those who willing to get into that. You can get this teaching once when we personaly meet. In the current pandemic situation it’s may take time.

If you already are practicing Yama and Nyama diligently, and have it into your Asana and Pranayama practice integrated, you have already part of the base and foundation.

Till there and after this class, you please keep doing well where ever you are, and Always put ethics and moral principles above all, if you fail for some reason, don’t mind, just forgive yourself and keep moving forward. We are human beings! It’s perfectly fine to not be perfect!

Do your best and be my guest!

2021 is the most important year for all spiritual practitioners, those in line will experience lots of transformations and will get lots of benefits.

Keep it in the mind!