Sherabling Monastery

thats a powerful amazing place, in the middle of green himalayas, is quite near from a very important and old tantric site, the Baijinath Shiva Temple, or better say, Vaidyanath Shiva Temple, dedicated to Shiva as Vaidyanath, ‘the Lord of physicians’ at the 13rd century, but the place in itself, has been used for worship much earlier.

Climatologically its also a very fortunate region, the temperatures are very moderate, making a good place to be during the entire year because its pleasant atmosphere. Is a good spot for any practitioner.

One curiosity, I observe and listen about India, if there is any spot which you see nath” or “natha” at the begin or the end of its name, you can expect some interesting stuff, is always some ancient connection. Just a tip.

The place is a Tibetan Seatlement gived to Tai Situ Rinpoche, head of the Karma Kagyu lineage, nowerdays is monastic complex for 1000 members, which 200 are womans, and more than 95% from Himalayan Regions.

Sherabling has already finish one more retreat place for a group of monks of another tradition, enter into 3 years retreat. There is also a retreat place for nuns and one for monks, the retreat in this one can go till 6 years.

There the monks and nuns learn different things according their monastic curriculum, some are going to a 1-4 class to learn how to read and write, some already understand maths, some can do computer stuffs, some are like Doctors and PhDs, and some are more into languages and learn Sanskrit.

Tibetan is a must, is all about that, no Tibetan, nothing to do at the monastery, therefore, if you don’t speak Tibetan you visit also will be very limited. See those things will be cool, if you can, hire some guide to give you some explanations. Books are also helpful.

Except for special days, with events or teachings for foreigners, then, you may have an interesting place to exchange, otherwise is a good environment to start practicing introspection.

Not always you will have accommodation and food facilities available near, will depend of the conditions of the day, if there is no teachings going on, the Stupa has at least one bed for you and some food, you can walk and retreat and chill there as long as you like to stay.

If you wanna learn Tibetan, its the best way to learn the Tibetan Buddhism, but if you wanna practice tibetan buddhism, then, you don´t need to learn tibetan language, is helpful, but not mandatory. Remember, many realized ones were iliterated people.

My first visit to that place was in May 2016, Mingyur Rinpoche has been requested for his students, right after come out of 4 years retreats at the end 2015. He start to teache meditation based on the scripture “Moonbeams of Mahamudra” and since the beginning we already got the opportunity to know and use, all available translations.

Later on, in the same year, Rinpoche also attend the request to spread the Vajrayana teachings, contend at “The Words of my Perfect Teacher”. In the follow year these two teachings has been the reason why, few hundreds of foreigners come to this remote area every year again and again. And because those teachings has been organized close to each other, and both at the winter, we also got the opportunity to enjoy Christmas celebration with Rinpoche in 2017, 2018, 2019 his birthday.

Surrounded by fantastic Vegetation, Serabling Monastery is as well an escape from the busy and polluted city life, here is green and fresh air to breathe, some noise but mostly relax and peaceful, not much different from this says people around. And you will realize once you are there.

Many others temples are around, some quite important, rare and unique, destination of special pilgrims, in remote and hidden areas.

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