Pranayama and breathwork

As you breathe in, cherish yourself. As you breathe out, cherish all Beings. Dalai Lama

we all have heard up to a certain point the importance of the air we breath, we are most already conformed with the levels of pollution we are inhaling and producing, but there is more related to the air we breathe we should be aware of.

That is our main energy source! And being so is what drives the energy in our bodies, minds, and activities of all kinds.

Just take a moment to consider how long a person can be thirsty or hungry? Now ask what about without oxygen? This is precisely what makes breath a very powerful tool if in one way is the most ordinary of all body function, by doing so, is as well the function which brings us lots of powers.

Divided into two parts, this practice has Pranayama – breathing control, and breath meditation, to focus the mind on one single object, the breath. 

For that, you will  get guided practices of:

  • Adham Pranayama, Yogic breath, or complete breathing
  • Kaphalabhati Pranayama
  • Anuloma Viloma
  • Agni Sara Kriya
  • Bhastrika Pranama

Breathwork and Pranayama can be done to sit and lie. Please inform in case you have any lower back, knee, spine, or any other injury. You will get a set of props, if available at the Yoga Studio, as well as preparation guidance to come in and out of the posture, and a most appropriate posture to practice.

For a 2h to 2h30 Workshop format, Brahmari, Shikale / Shitkali, and others are added, as well as breath count control, the 4 stages of the breath, and attention to retention (Kumbhaka). 

All those technics are transmitted by the attendants in a simple and clear matter. It’s for everyone who wanna understand the breadth, take control over the breath, experience breath as an element of calmness and stillness.

The practice of Sukshma Vyayama is how we start to do breath in standing, then the second block, some hatha yoga, some mix, Hatha Multslyle, no style, just chill and relax, just be there and enjoy it.

After the block of movements, we restart by sit and recontinue witn the breathing program, we must be able to meditate by now. Now is the end of the workshop and for it closes, we use breath meditation, if necessary we can shortly practice a few pranayamas to feel the hard beat, before going inside the breath.

The second version of this Workshop will be without movement, for those participants who wanna push themselves to the limit of sit for 60min in one time for different pranayama practices in one single session, before going into any movement session, meditation, or relaxation. This is a special class, more appropriated to people of the level of join a TTC or already has done or wish to. By Interest, ask extra for that.

Here we dive into the time and we prepare to closure with a deep relaxation in Yoga Nidra.

With this in mind and a daily commitment, you will achieve the highest performance in many activities of daily life, in case you are familiarized with visualizations, you case use it at the end of each pranayama practice. Self-healing is also another activity you will feel very soon. Sharp focus and faculties. A part of more energy for life and joy with small things.


Bye for now

The breath, so important as we never give attention, lets focus on this!

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