Arm Balance – this is a Challenge?

Arm-balancing postures are often the center of attraction in yoga classes. It’s not hard to see why – they showcase arm strength, and most importantly, the grace of balancing on the arms and hands instead of the feet and legs as is customary. The concept of arm-balancing postures is typically associated with the handstand, which involves holding the body upside down in a vertical position.

In this workshop, we’ll explore the various aspects of arm-balancing postures and how to quickly improve your ability to hold up on your own two hands. We’ll cover topics such as protecting the joints of the hands, strengthening the arms, lifting the legs up, and using different supports. Additionally, we’ll practice a variety of asanas with variations of arm balance category, such as Kakasana (Crow), Ekapada Galavasana (Flying Pigeon), Tittibhasana (Firefly Pose), Astavakrasana (Eight Angle Pose), and many others.

It’s important to note that since asanas are an integral part of yoga practice, and yoga has a holistic approach to life, working on arm balance postures also requires the whole body and mind to work together. After starting, it won’t take long to see how arm balance postures target other parts of the body, such as the core, back, lower back, legs, and shoulders, which will need to be well-developed for many of us.

This workshop is designed will unlock your full potential, and help you to go beyond building physical strength and challenge your mental and emotional limits. You will conquer the challenge with your own arm and hands. This is about cultivating the mindset of a high performer – someone who is not afraid to take on new challenges, push past their limits, and rise to the occasion. By participating you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your own capabilities, and develop the confidence and mental resilience to face any obstacle that comes your way. 

Both beginners and non-beginners yoga lovers are welcome to attend this class, props will be available for those who prefer to use them. While some may prefer to practice without props, it is highly recommended to utilize them in order to build greater strength and flexibility, as well as prevent injury. Props are available in the studio to assist in your development.

The challenge in this class is to perform the postures safely and thoughtfully. Don’t get carried away by your enthusiasm for arm-balancing postures and risk getting hurt. Above all, focus on developing the necessary skills to master at least five arm balancing postures. Who knows? Maybe you’ll surprise yourself and discover you have an untapped talent for balancing on your arms and hands.

Join us and take your yoga practice to the next level, both on and off the mat!