Asanas Photo Shooting

Asanas Photo Shootings

I’m enthusiastic to invite and welcome you to be a part of my photo project. As a dedicated Hatha Yoga practitioner, teacher, and lover of photography and bodywork, my goal with “Asana Photo Shootings” is to show your beauty, strength, flexibility, concentration, and balance to the world through Yoga postures. And what’s more? You get to be the model, choose your own wonderful spots, and have fun in the process!

How to Create Powerful Imagery at Asanas Photo Shooting

For your Photoshooting, we can make a combination of the postures you choose, and some variations or new iFor an Asana Photo Shooting, you initially get to decide upon a combination of Yoga postures, while some variations or new inclusions might be recommended to your Asanas series.

If you feel uncertain about the postures or how to perform them, I’m here to help and guide you with an amazing impromptu private class.

The outcome is a series of outstanding pictures that you will get as soon the editing is finished, which can be utilized by you for whatsoever purposes that you require.

If you are Yoga Teacher, you are warmly welcome to use the pictures for your own promotion. This work for you will be entirely free of cost!

What does this Project mean to me?

My goal is to meet and interact with as many different personalities as possible and capture several variations of unique Asanas in action.

The captured photos will be published on different social media platforms and websites, and there are also numerous exceptional ideas for the future that we may discuss after due diligence. The main aim here is to be enriched by meeting and interacting with different distinctive souls imbued in Yoga.

Although you might not be treated as a paid model in this project, I ensure that I will add your name in all the pictures of you that I upload. This work is reliable, meticulous, and well scheduled.

You can see all the previous Asana Photoshooting on my Facebook Page as well on my Flikr, just click on the links below.

Interactivity is of immense importance

Do you wish to see the works already done? You can see all the previous Asana Photo Shootings on the Asana Photo Shootings Facebook Page and at my Flikr Account, the link are below.

See the Shootings at the Asana Photo Project Facebook Page

I’m confident that these Photo Shooting Services will awaken and ignite a desire in you to learn more about our past.

How it all began?

A few years ago, at the Arambol Beach in Goa, two Siberian girls met me and were impressed with my smiling demeanor and extroverted personality. They thought that my persona was an unusual attitude, since the Yoga teachers whom they met during their travels around India – even the young teachers – did not smile often and always had a serious face and attitude during Asana practice. Hence they challenged me for an impromptu photo shooting.

The photo shooting conducted by Helen can be viewed on my own presentation page. The pictures illustrated here were captured by Elena Maydanova, and you can find other pictures at the 5 Elements Balance Workshop page.

A Ukraine Photographer was just passing by, had spontaneously performed a “making-off” from both shootings by taking pictures of the happening Photo Shooting.

I had a lot of fun that day and I’m very thankful to these girls for that experience and motivation. These wonderful people inspired me and now it is my turn to invite you for an Asanas Photo Shooting right away.

For me is an honor to give continuity to that idea.
In gratitude to

Giving continuity to that idea is an honor for me, and my wish is to pass along what I learned from them. We can call this a way to show gratitude.

Currently located in Bremen; I can move all around the country to meet you since traveling is also one of my passions.

I understand the importance of capturing your most breath-taking, unforgettable Yoga experience imaginable. No matter what posture you wanna captured, I’ve definitely got you covered!

Get inspired with incredible photos from diverse postures and poses around the world. I’m guided by my own experience and photography skills.

Do you love photography? Want to capture the essence of your Yoga postures? Do you wish to constantly stay inspired and be surrounded by like-minded souls?

Then join this Project community today by booking a Free Asana Photo Shooting.

Hope to see you soon!
Bye for now!

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