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The Power of Pilates

Pilates sounds like a big Brand name, and there are lots of people who don’t even know that Pilates was a man. Many of those are practicing his method.

I very good to focus on practice to get the benefits, but one needs to know, what should be known.

I think we can get to know a little bit about this guy called Pilates and his Method also with he same name.

This is an Exercise Method broughted to the world by him.

But before, let’s watch a small Homage to this great Teacher.

Now you may ask, what Pilates really did, what his method is all about?

During the period he has been in the Arm, he got shoot and landing at the hospital with many others injured people, he start to make use of some pieces of beds and whats ever he could find, to help people working in this body even with all injuries. His focus was to maintain the health body parts active, and a strong core. All devices you can see being used in a Pilates Studio, has been redesigned once the War ends and he start to propagate his method. The improvised Bed devices became proper therapeutic devices, which has helped an uncountable number of people since in the last century.

Is no hare to hear people ask: what is the different between Yoga and Pilates, both look so similar?

I rather say befor all, nothing is what appears to be!

Yoga is a Spiritual Discipline and Pilates an Exercise System. Pilates, they guys who develop the Method, by been a child with some difficult health conditions, has made use of the knowledge of his Gymnastic father, and Natural Healer mother, and by combining them, he made something proper for him and helpful form many others too.

The Gymnastic movements, Stretching, Breathing we most know today, has been practices since thausend of year, human beings are using the own body to promote healing since a long period, is not a surprise for me, to see a new Healing Method, similarits with old Systems. Look at the training in a Gymnastic class. Is almost known…, for a good performance, the practitioner must hold stretching postures like a Yogis do, right…

So, the knowledge we already have, thanks the observance of body reaction, after perform stretching postures is wide, right now is no wrong to say, this is a common knowledge.

I prefer to practice, Yoga, or Pilates, both, or something. Rather than care much about the differences. The reason I have to try both is exactly because of their similarities.

Pilates vs. Yoga

Today we have many option, some people take really a good time to pay attention of differences and can explain, according to their views and experiences way better. Here a small detailed explanation on both.

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