Yoga-Welten - Die Energy der Chakren 5 Elements

A beautiful book about Chakras

I often enter book stores and search whats ever is in my mind, but there are days, which I just go inside the store and take a look around all that is exposed. In one of those situations, I got to know the Book about Yoga and Chakras: “Yoga-Welten – Energie des Chakren” By Gabriela Haenseler, auf Deutsch, Natürlich!

Chakras are a central part of all types of Yoga Practice. In Hatha-Yoga, and Kundalini-Tantra, its explicitly instructed to see the chakras with colors, forms, associate with the glands in the physical body, and the energy lights around uns.

Sorry for that, but yes, I’m commenting on a German Language Book, but the post I keep in English. 😉

The Chakras in Yoga are where we set the focus to become aware of, and Work on the Layer of the Energetical Body.

energetical BODY is called PRANAMAYA KOSHA in Sanskrit

When I develop the workshop “Balance the 5 Elements”, I intentionally wish to have as result a class framework for a gradual chakra practice for daily life. For those open to that type of practice, is easy to go deeper and use it for healing purpose, and those maybe not that open, will get the benefit of the practice as a consequence of doing it anyway.

So, I’m more than happy with this result, such a joy to the where your work goes, isn’t it?

In her Book Gabriela gives Asana sequence for Yoga Practices. This was very helpful for my practices and for the development of the Workshop, mainly because I was always thinking in terms of having many different sequences of technics already organized. But not, less is more. Just one sequence for each Chakra is already a lot of sequences in one practice.

Many insights about how to improve the quality of the Workshop by updating the techniques I choose, come into mind by experiencing teach the “Balance the 5 Elements” Workshop. And this is also something I manage thanks to the help of books like that one.

If you are a Yoga-Teacher or just practice Yoga and feel confident to take a look into Gabriela’s Books, I can only recommend it. Even if the topic is not new for you, will give you something to add to your work.

Read books is amazing, it helps in many ways, but make sure you have been guided previously, and you know what you are doing, not only practice by following books. Is always your entire responsibility whats happens to you during your practice. Please be careful!

I wish you a good reading,
bye for now
we meet in the next Post


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