Ocean of Diversity, book from Khentrul Rinpoche

A joyful Ocean of Precisou Diversity is a book where is explained the different point of view of many spiritual paths. The visionary Shar Khentrul Jamphel Lodrö is a Tibetan Refugee based in Australia, from there he propagates the nonsectarian message of the Jonang Kalachakra tradition by giving teaching all over the world. In this book, he provides us with a view of different traditions and believe system in order to apply the same principle to survive as human beings in a diverse overpopulated world.

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Kalachakra Tantra 2017

The Kalachakra Tantra is a highly significant event in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. This event was supposed to take place in the first days of 2016, but due to the health status of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, it was postponed. Finally, it took place in Bodhgaya in the first days of January 2017, and it attracted around 200,000 participants and visitors.

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The 62 wrong views

The Brahmajala Sutta describes 62 different kinds of wrong views or beliefs that were prevalent during the Buddha’s time, and it presents a detailed analysis of these views along with the correct understanding of reality according to Buddhist teachings.

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Samadhi can mean simply “single-pointed concentration.” However, once it becomes mystified, it can open the door to a much wider way of seeing reality, or even “another reality” in itself.

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Joy of Living – Mingyurs Rinpoches Teachings on Meditation…

I have the privilege to meet Mingyur Rinpoche in his first circle of Teachings after his 4 years of wandering retreat. Rinpoche left his Monastery in Bodhgaya in the middle of the night without informing no one about his destination and engage in a trip without almost nothing within himself a part of his body and mind. The process and result of this “adventure” you can read in his new book “In love with the World” as well as in the documentary “Wandering but not Lost”.

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