Travelling by public local buses

Public transportation is not just a means of getting from one place to another, it’s also a way to experience the local culture and community. Traveling by bus, train, or subway can give you a unique perspective on the people and places around you. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider using public transportation on your next trip:

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Asanas Photo Shooting

Asanas Photo Shootings

I’m enthusiastic to invite and welcome you to be a part of my photo project. As a dedicated Hatha Yoga practitioner, teacher, and lover of photography and bodywork, my goal with “Asana Photo Shootings” is to show your beauty, strength, flexibility, concentration, and balance to the world through Yoga postures. And what’s more? You get to be the model, choose your own wonderful spots, and have fun in the process!

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My goal was to retreat at a small and isolated place on the south face of Gokarna. I booked a small room in a very simple homestay at Belekan Beach, and after arriving at Om beach, I took a walk through Half-moon Beach, and Paradise Beach (also known as Full moon) to my destination.

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Arm Balance – this is a Workshop or a…

Arm balance postures fascinate lots of people, this shows arm strength and above all the grace of standing in the arms and hands and not in the feet and legs as usual. The idea of an arm balance posture is connected the most to a handstand, in which the body is in an upside-down vertical position.

In this class, we gonna see the different sides of this practice and what could be used to help a fast improvement to get to stay in their own hands. How to protect the hand joins, how to improve the strength of the arms, how to manage to lift the legs up, the use of different supports, and of course, may asanas with variations of arm balance category, like Kakasana (Crow), Ekapada Galavasana (Flying Pigeon), Tittibhasana (Firefly Pose), Astavakrasana (Eight Angle Pose) and many others.

Is important for me to say that, once Asanas are part of Yoga practice, and Yoga has a holistic approach to life, the work on arm balance postures also requires the whole body and mind to work together. After starting, it will not take too long to see the arm balance postures targeting other body parts as just hands and arms, the core, back or lower back, legs, and shoulders will be requested to be well developed for many of us.

Beginners and non-beginners can attend this class, and at least the blocks gonna be used, if you are those who prefer to use props, I hope you have greater strength and flexibility, if that is not the case, be open to using props, they are in the Studios to help your development.

The Challenge in this class is to perform the postures as it is thought, don’t get hurt thanks to your enthusiasm with the arm balance postures, and above all, develop the necessary skills to master at least five of them.


Yog Vashista

Vashist is also the name of a village located in Manali, India. The village is famous for its natural hot springs, which are believed to have healing properties, and is home to a temple dedicated to Yogi Vashist.

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Dream Host Ads

Do you need a Website?

I guess whatever business you gonna make, a Website will surely be helpful to give more visibility to what are you offering to the market. And the good news is that nowadays is easier than ever, to get a Website. You may be asking, this is easy to say for a Tach guy, true, but I say that because I see non-Tech people taking lots of advantages of that. It’s true that really 0% Tech Knowledge can´t bring you to the level of manage all your Web Sfuffs, but the whats ever od you need to learn, is as well way easier.

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MalwareBytes Best Deal Ads


I’ve been using Malwarebytes since I first started using a Mac back in 2014, and I’ve been very happy with its performance ever since. The software does an excellent job of protecting my computer against malware and other online threats, and I’ve never had any issues with it.

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Pilates for a Health and Strong Body Ads

The Power of Pilates

Pilates sounds like a big Brand name, and there are lots of people who don’t even know that Pilates was a man. Many of those are practicing his method.

I very good to focus on practice to get the benefits, but one needs to know, what should be known.

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