Helen Radionova Shooting in Arambol Beach

Asanas Photo Project

You are invited to be part of a photo shooting as a model and show you in Yoga postures.

As a dedicated Hatha Yoga practitioner, teacher, and lover of photography and bodywork, I invite you to join the “Asana Photo Project”, and show your beauty, strength, flexibility, concentration, balance, and have fun in wonderful spots, of your choice or from my suggestion.

How does it work?

For your Photoshooting, we can make a combination of the postures you choose, and some variations or new inclusions I may add to your Asanas series. In case you doubt what to do, and how to do the postures, I will easily guide you like in a class.

The pictures you will get as soon as I finish the edition, and you can use them wherever do you like. If you are Yoga Teacher you are warmly welcome to use the pictures for your own promotion. My work for you will be entire without cost!

What do I win with that?

I will publish it on my website and social media, and hopefully, do something special with those pictures in the future, more about that I will let you know when the time comes, for now, I just wanna gather as much different personalities as with the most different abilities for Asanas I can meet. Those meetings are priceless and enrich me a lot.

Maybe there is needed to say, you won’t get paid by any published picture. Your name will appear where ever I manage to put your pictures in case this possibility will be available for me. As well I will try my best to make, you know on time once it becomes published or even before.

You can see all the previous Asana Photoshooting on my Facebook Page as well on my Flikr, just click on the links below.

See the Shootings at the Asana Photo Project Facebook Page

I m sure if you do that, it will awaken something in you too, its always does!

Let me say how I have started that…

After meeting two Siberian girls in Arambol Beach, Goa a few years ago, they challenge me for shooting because of my smile and extroverted personality, in their opinion, it was an unusual feature in the Yoga Teachers they meet during they traveling in India, even the youth Yoga Teachers, most of the time are serious and don’t smile much.

The photo shooting from Helen you can see at my own presentation page, and the pictures from Elena Maydanova I use to illustrate this and the 5 Elements Balance Workshop page. The Ukraine guy did a kind of making-off from those two shootings. I had a lot of fun that day and I’m very thankful for that experience and motivation. Because of them, I m inviting you for an Asanas Photoshooting right now.

For me is an honor to give continuity to that idea.
In gratitude to them, I’m offering you a little bit of what I got from them.

Right now I’m temporarily based in Vietnam and I can move all around the country to meet you.

If you like it, just get in touch, and let’s get a coffee, a tea or a smoothy and do it!

Hope to see you soon!
Bye for now!
Ricardo Santanna

PS. If you are in Saigon or MuiNe or could come around it will be much faster for us to manage an appointment.

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