Reular Hatha Yoga Class at ATS Buntentor - Bremen.

Transform you life with Yoga and Ayurveda

I like teach, and learn of course, that´s why we are in contact right now. What I have to offer to you is a possibility to realize and develop who you really are, we talk about what`s related to health and personality but also spirituality and the 5 elements in you. The coaching I offer to you is based on Yoga and Ayurveda, and once learned throughout your own experience, this knowledge you will use till the end of life. It´s really a preciosity that humanity has produced such kind of science, and I´m grateful to been able to acquire part of that knowledge and self-experience the results. This is was motivate me to offer it as a service to you and help your self-development. Are you motivation to become it?

How it´s works?

Ayurveda involves active participation, for that at first you should take some minutes to read a small introduction about the 5 Element System and the relation with Ayurveda. After that you will get some queries from me, this questions will help us to identify your “Prakriti” or your body constitution and nature, and about what disturbs your nature, which calls “Vrikriti” in Ayurveda. Once we have both, you nature and what can possible disturbs it, we know about your strengths and sensitivities, which elements are higher and which are low in you, which Dosha constitutes you and which dosha we should pay more attention, then we can start to talk about your practice.

You get from me advice regard your Prakriti and Vrikriti and from time to time we will need do reorient your practice again accord you feedback and other details, for that is good if we cover all the fours seasons, no matter in which we start. Ayurveda set the focus on the sources of health, for that our relationship with the Nature and it´s changes are very important.

When we talk about Yoga and Ayurveda practice, we talk about daily life routine. The Elements and Doshas, are like everything, not permanent. A dosha is strong for three hours of the day, then is time to another dosha be strong and so on. During the entire day each dosha has the own time 2 times. During the year that change happen as well. It´s show to us that the entire lifestyle should be synchronized with the time of the day and year season.

Design daily habits which support that principles is the mains reason of an ayurvedic coach and accompaniment. The advice you will get, are related to your daily and year routine, setup then is what will give to you the expected balance and improvement of life quality. We are talking about develop self-discipline, dedication towards oneself and self love.

How long it will take?

For Ayurveda the 24 hours of the day and the 365 days of the year, is what define the health conditions. Living the daily life accord to you own nature, will bring a healthy life to you. In the same way, the opposite, don´t live accord the own nature, will result in an unhealthy life. For that reason, I develop a 4 seasons coaching process, to help you push forward your development. Maybe one Year monitoring sounds a bit too much, or challenge, but the entire 365 days you will live anyway, better to do it with the purpose of doing it accord your own nature. If you few confident enough to learn by yourself and have just a support and try the coachings process not so long as one entire year, but only for the half of the year, we can do a 2 seasons process, you can start anytime and we finish 180 days after beginning, so, we at least cover one entire season and part of the next season. If it´s all sound interesting but you are not really sure if this is something for you, but you wanna try. For that case you can take a coaching for 1 single season, wich practically means, you starts any time and finish 90 days after. Maybe you take it in between two seasons and take advantages of it also

In a coach you will be advised for:

  • Balanced and appropriated diet – what should you include and/or reduce in your diet.
  • Positive mindset – how your emotions influence in your life and how yoga deal with. Understanding the 5 aggregates (Five false folds) the poison and antidote, the 5 senses and bad feelings
  • Physical activity – from basics asanas until the strong and power yogic physical technics, you will get a personalized Hatha Yoga class designed for you daily practices according to your constitution.
  • Concentration and Meditation – how to be focused and how to concentration in the daily life and how to build a stable meditation practice free of disturbance.
  • Complete and powerful breathing – a combination of technics to provide you total breath control, increase energy level, balance the brain hemispheres, clean the body and mind, and deal with emotions.
  • Deep relaxation – with special yogic technics you will learn how to relax after the Yoga practice and how to use this technic to prepare yourself to finish the day and how to use the peace of the night to come down.

The eyes to eyes is the most effective way to a personal coach, so is possible to examine pulse, tongue, face and skin. In many cases it´s not possible, for that skype, WhatsApp, and even email can shorten the distances between us and make the work possible, we don´t have any real excuse to not do it!

Book a Coaching for:

One Year – take advice and be free to send queries the entire year.

2 Seasons – from now until the end of the next season you will get advice and send feedbacks.

1 Season – a way to try and see if this kind of development method is really for you.

This is the previous information your need to know how I will work with you, if you are really interested on it, just send me your questions, once we start the monitoring, you will get from me some more Infos.



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