Pranayama Workshop

it will take from you at least 1h30 in siting position, because of this, it readapted and has half, half, means, first 30min, we move, then we sit, then we move, then we sit, then we lie down.

in that 2 moments we sit for 30min, we practice, pranayama and breath meditation, at first we do:

  • Adham Pranayama, Yogic breath, or complete breathing
  • Kaphalabhati Pranayama
  • Anuloma Viloma
  • Agni Sara Kriya
  • Bhastrika Pranama

Brahmari, Shikale / Shitkali, and others, if another block of 30min can use, then this technics will be introduced. As well as breath count control, the 4 stages of the breath and attention to retention (Kumbhaka).

All those technics are transmitted by presence to the attendants. Again its for everyone who wanna try to understand the breadth, take control over the breath, experience breath as an element of calmness and stillness.

The moment we are moving, we start with Sukshma Vyayama, then the second block of 30min, we do some hatha yoga, probable some mix between, Hatha Multslyle, no style, relax, just be there and enjoy it.

After this second block, the block of movement, we again restart by sit, and recontinue the program, we must to be able to meditate by now. To the end, we practice breath meditation. If necessary we can shortly practice strong pranayama like Bhastrika in order to feel the hard beat of breath, before starting the meditation on the breath.

A second version of this Workshop, will be without movement, for those participants who wanna push then selves to the limit of sit for 60min in one time for different pranayama practices in one single session, before go into any movement session, meditation or relaxation. This is a special class, more appropriated to people of the level of join a TTC or already has done or wish to. By Interest, ask extra for that.

Here we dive into the time and we prepare to closure with a deep relaxation in Yoga Nidra.


Bye for now


The breath, so important as we never give attention, lets focus on this!

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