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Hi guys, nice that you are here! Now we are virtually in touch wich each other!

I’m a Traveler Yoga Teacher, Web-Developer and Hobby Photographer. I’ve teaching Yoga since 2011. Two TTCs, many Intensive courses and lot´s of hours of self-practice is what´s guide the classes I design.

Ayurveda and Naturopathy was also part of my both TTCs and after some special classes, I got able to combine it with Yoga in my teachings, now I start to call it “Hatha-Yoga & the 5 basics”, which refers to the 5 elements that constitutes the humans beings body and mind.

Yoga comes to my life when the distraction generated by computer addiction and workaholic behavior, could not put away some alarms of my body. Strength, vitality, balance and clarity I can´t get from my screen.

It was during the summer 2008 when the science and art of Yoga, starts take place in my daily routine. After joining some Hatha-Yoga classes and start read books about, I realize that Yoga is really a practice for me. I was very fascinated to the philosophical background and history, I fell in love very fast with. The fruition of this love was a frequent and intensive practice.

Aside from Yoga I love movies and pictures. Two Siberian travelers who shoot me in Goa, awakened my interest to start shooting people in Yoga postures. Yoga is for me a huge and big think, much more then only postures, but I also really like to see and practice asanas, you can see it on this website. You can get from me a Asanas Photo Shooting as well, I wanna invite you to see more about this idea here.

By looking for more highest levels of practice, I start join meditation classes and Buddhist teachings. From there, I start to learn more about the mind, and apply that understanding in the daily practice and my classes. The Yogi who we know as Buddha, made me understand the essence of the Yogic path in a very reasonable and logical way. Later I will share with you some thoughts and insights about it, here on this website.

For now on, if you looking for a private yoga class, substitute teacher, if is a vacant place in your Yoga Studio timetable, a Yoga Retreat to you group or do you wanna join the Photo Project, Let me know! I always am interested to help people and get in touch with new souls.

As I mention before, I am Web-Developer too and in case you need a Website, Online Shop or a training to learn how to build it yourself, you can also contact me. The Website you surf now, is made by my self. I develop it based on the simplicity to communicate to you what I can offer. In my another website you can see a little bit of what I do related to the IT branch.

I like to talk about Yoga and my experiences in Indian, always I start my introduction as Yoga Teacher with some facts about my first visit to there. Now I do it a bit different, take a look! This article I try update regularly, in many times of the year, I am on the source of Yoga to continue and renew my knowledge. Right now is my twelfth time here, but from now on I will stop to count it, since 2015 I spend more then half of my year there, the home of Yoga become my home as well.

What more I can say to you about me…  humm… I like to cook powerful food, meet people and also to go into my cave, change things to the better and do what I believe will make the difference in someones life, it´s includes myself as well.
Probably that´s why teach Yoga comes to into my life. Let´s practice it!

Thanks for reading!
Ricardo Santanna


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